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Uric scale is the breeding ground for infectious disease, viruses and odor.

Elite Hygiene & Sanitation Services is Your Solution for a clean, sanitary and welcoming restroom experience for your patrons. Providing initial cleaning and descaling services, weekly sanitation services and paper products provision, Elite Hygiene & Sanitation makes CLEAN and Sanitary their Business! 

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The number one concern of patrons is not the food or service... It is the cleanliness of the restrooms. Uric scale build up is caused by a constant compact of urine and waste, which forms a concrete like surface. Doing so makes it impossible to remove except by a process like Elite Hygiene & Sanitation Services.

About Us


  Elite Hygiene & Sanitation Services specializes in the sanitation of Public Restrooms, the most visited area in your restaurant,business or venue. Our primary goal is improving the health and image of your business by keeping your restrooms germ-free byeliminating the breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, and infectious diseases. Take pride in your business by providing a pleasant, at-home restroom experience for all.   



 Elite Hygiene & Sanitation Services carries a wide range of paper, chemicals and cleaning supplies to
meet all their customers needs to aid in keeping their public restrooms sparkling and germ free between services.
Contact us today for a more information and to receive complimentary quote for all your cleaning and paper supply products. 


 2 Ply Center Pull 

Hard Wound Natural Paper 

Hard Wound White Paper 

Multi-Fold Natural Paper 

Multi-Fold White Paper 

10 in Hard Wound White Paper

Household Paper Towels 

Household Toilet Tissue 

2 Ply Jr. Jumbo Paper 

Facial Tissue – 100 CT                                                                                                                        

ERC & Zoom Disinfectant Wipes  

Derma Gel Hand Sanitizer 

Foam Hand Sanitizer 

Hand Soap Foaming 

Toilet Mats 

Urinal Mats 

Toilet Seat Covers 

Dinner Napkin 15x17 2 ply  

Dinner Napkin 17x17 1 ply 

Beverage Napkins  

Polyethylene Gloves  

Nitrile Gloves                                                                                                                                     

Powder Free Vinyl Gloves 

HD 38 x 58 Liners

HD 33 x 40 Liners

HD 24 x 24 Liners

Black Liners 1.5 Mil (38x58)  

Black Liners .50 Mil (24x32) 

Black Liner  33x39  

Wax paper bag Liners

Lemon Disenfectant

Glass Cleaner

Toilet Bowl Cleaner 

Neutral Cleaner Degreaser 

Enzyme With Bacterial Action 

Air Freshener Oil gallon

Mop Head Wax Finish  

Mop Head Wax Finish  

Mop Head Basic  

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